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               Welcome to Guardian's Egypt where you can explore the mystery and splendor of ancient Egypt from the comfort of your own computer. Egypt is a fascinating land which boasts of a rich history and a colorful culture. The pyramids are only the beginning of the amazing traces of an ancient civilization that was unique, totally dedicated, creative, organized and fruitful. It is amazing to see the degree of sophistication and ingenuity that the ancient Egyptians employed in the building of their monuments. Now, through modern technology, you can visit Egypt, both past and present! You can actually "surf" the ancient world! Here are my Egypt pages which provide great pictures, facts and information about Egypt, and offer many links to Egyptology and Egypt resources throughout the World Wide Web. Be sure to check out all of the "Guardian" labeled Egypt features, as these are our contribution to original Egypt content on the web. Also, be sure to take Guardian's CyberJourney To Egypt - your online tour of the ancient monuments, presently featuring the pyramids.
     Whether you are merely fascinated by Egypt, are doing a school Egypt report or project, or are seriously engaged in the study of Egypt, this site is for you. Enjoy, and check back often, this site is constantly updated, it is an ongoing labor of love..

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