See your Name In Hieroglyphs!

Enter your name in the space below and hit the "Convert" button and you can see YOUR own name in hieroglyphs!! You can hit "clear" to start again or try a different name.
PLEASE READ THIS: Some browsers cache the first result and may send you an outdated file for the second or more name that you request. If you are converting more than one name and you always get the first name you submitted, simply ask the browser to reload/refresh the page and resubmit.

After you submit this and get to the next page with your name in hieroglyphs, you can right mouse click over the image on most newer browsers and this will allow you to "save" the image! Then you can insert it into your notes, letters, e-mails or webpages!

**Often this site, which is based in France, is busy due to the immense popularity of this feature. If you don't get through, stop back again. Keep trying and you'll get it eventually!

If this is busy and won't work go HERE and enter your name at the box near the bottom of the page. If you have no luck with either of these two hieroglyphic converters, please try HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: This program was written by a man named Serge Rosmorduc and was used with his permission. You can see his REAL web page, partially written in French, You can see his REAL web page, partially written in French, HERE.


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