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The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities - Photo - Copyright (c) 1997 Andrew Bayuk, All Rights Reserved Egyptian Museum of Antiquities  New
This Egyptian Museum contains the world largest ancient Egyptian artifact collection. Here is their web page!

Quest for Imortality - Treasures of Ancient Egypt New
Here is information about the new large exhibit of artifacts on loan by Egypt, presently at the National Gallery of Art (recently featured on CNN).

Virtual Egyptian Museum  Visit this virtual Egyptian Art Gallery featuring the works of David Roberts and Francis Firth.

The Art of Ancient Egypt - Metrolopolitan Museum of Art New
Here's the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's online exploration of ancient Egyptian art.

The British Museum  
Here is the British Museum's web page for their Department of Egyptian Antiquities.

The Museum of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil  Learn about this museum located in Giza, Egypt, which overlooks the Nile and has a sizeable personal collection containing art pieces and paintings by great artists.

Egyptian Artifact Exhibit   See the online exhibit of Egyptian antiquities presented by the University of Memphis.

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