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Egyptian Sites and Monuments
These pages feature various Egyptian temples, tombs and ruins

Egyptian Archaeology  This site features  Egyptologist Donald P.  Ryan and his work in the Valley of the Kings. Includes pictures.

Luxor Magazine Online Here's an online magazine that lists the opening times, camera fees and entrance fees to the temples and tombs. Includes the Sound and Light Show at the Temple of Karnak

Thebes Photographic Project Check out these great photos of Thebes, brought to you by Tom Van Eynde.

FOX Special: Opening The Lost Tombs Learn about the live ancient Egyptian tomb opening on television, including information on new unearthed tombs, a mummy and skeletons.

Uninscribed Tombs in the Valley of the Kings This page by Donald Ryan discussuses some lesser known, uninscribed tombs in the Valley.

The Tomb of Senneferi (TT99) Visit the tomb of an ancient Egyptian official and learn about his life, his family, his tomb and more. Presented by Nigel Strudwick.

Images From the Tomb of Nefertari Some clear images from the huge conservation project to restore the magnificent Tomb of Nefertari! Read more about saving her tomb HERE.

Guardian's Sphinx   Learn about the Great Sphinx at Giza. This web page features information and pictures of the great Sphinx of Giza from all sides.

The Mastabas at Giza, Egypt  Giza is a magnificent necropolis which is replete with tombs and mastabas in addition to its famous pyramids. This page features some of these mastabas.

The Ramesseum  Explore the Temple of Ramesses II with this interesting presentation by Gerald Flament.

Pilgrimage to ABYDOS An "initiatic" cyber-journey to discover the ancient Egyptian holy city of Abydos

The Temple Palace of Ramesses III A pictorial description of the palace Temple of Ramesses III.

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel Point and click on sections of a the great temple at Abu Simbel to enter and explore its mysteries

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