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Egyptian Art and Music
Here are web sites that display various forms of Egyptian art

Egyptian Music - Seven Millennia of Performance
Read about ancient and modern day Egyptian music.

Music in Ancient Egypt
A short article about ancient Egyptian music brought to you by the University of Michigan.

Petra Fine Art  
Featuring the antique lithographs of David Roberts!

Ancient Egypt - The Eternal Voice
Enjoy this ancient Egyptian exhibition consisting of passages taken from ancient Egyptian writings and through the many objects they left behind

Ancient Egyptian Art
Featuring pictures and descriptions from the Egyptian collection of Emory University.

Egypt and Art
The Home Page of RICHARD DEURER, artist, painter, and a photographer of Egypt. Check out his humorous Egyptian slant on things.....

The Egyptian Collection  This page is presented by the British Museum and features photographs of their Egyptian collection.

Egypt Pictures The University of Pennsylvania presents pictures of Egypt that you can view and download.

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