Meet Dr. Hawass and read about his credentials and experience. Find out about the large cache of mummies recently unearthed at the Bahariya Oasis Learn about the Sphinx and the Pyramids! Read about any recent discoveries and site updates! Here are articles that feature Egyptian History.


Dr. Zahi Hawass


The Sphinx - Scientific Update Report (August 2008)

Examining Tutankhamun’s Children (August 2008)

Getty Institute to Study Tutankhamen's Tomb (July 2008)

Video Display of the Second Solar Boat (July 2008)

New Discoveries in Edfu! (June 2008)

Laser Survey To Be Done of Step Pyramid (June 2008)

New Discoveries in Saqqara! (June 2008)

The Mystery of the Mummy From KV55 (February 2008)

Middle Kingdom Burial Found In Luxor! (February 2008)

NEW DISCOVERY: Neolithic Settlement and the Graeco-Roman village! (February 2008)

PRESS RELEASE: Graeco-Roman Mummies Found! (January 2008)

New Discovery in Tut's Tomb! (September 2007)

Identifying Hatshepsut's Mummy (July 2007)

Three New Discoveries! (June 2007)

DISCOVERY: Intact Tomb at Al Barsha! (May 2007)

Returned:     Artifacts Returned to Egypt (March 2007)



Artifacts Returned to Egypt (March 2007)


BULLETIN:   Dr. Hawass in U.S. For Eye Surgery (Jan 2007)


Ancient Egyptian Dentists (Nov 2006)


Dr Hawass Receives an Emmy (Oct 2006)


2nd Mummy Room At Museum (August 2006)


On the Sphinx Restoration (July 2006)


Ramses I Mummy to Return to Egypt!

On KV 63 (July 2006)

Lecture in Italy (July 2006)


Learn about the exciting newly discovered cachet in the Valley of the Kings!


The controversy over King Tut - 3/05
Dr. Hawass explains about the importance of the recent CT scan of King Tut.


No Amateurs Allowed -9/04
Dr. Hawass refuses a request from amateur to prove their speculation about the Great Pyramid.

The Mummy of Nefertiti -7/03
Dr. Hawass refutes the assertion that the mummy of Nefertiti has been found.

History Up In Flames
Destruction in Iraq claims irreplaceable antiquities and nobody seems to care.


The Secret Doors Inside the Great Pyramid

Committee Appointed to Assess the Palestinian Monuments (April 2002)
Egypt asked UNESCO to create a committee to go to Palestine and find out the current situation of the Islamic and Christian monuments.

New Discovery At Giza (March 2002)

Recovery of a Precious Coffin Trough  - (February 2002)
Finally, the bottom of the coffin discovered in KV 55 is returned to its rightful place in Egypt.

Bill Clinton's Visit to the Pyramids  and Excavation News  (Jan. 2002)

News of Three Tombs (December 2001)


Reopening of the Khafre Pyramid & 3 New Tombs

Other Older Online Egypt News

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