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Useful Links

Here are useful links to enhance your enjoyment of the World Wide Web!

Total News
Total News
This site has links to all the major NEWS websites and allows you to search for news stories throughout all of these sites with a si
ngle keyword entry!

What's New Too!
What's New Too

Here's the place to go if you want to get the latest new sites on the WWW.

Starting PointStarting Point  
As the title suggests, this link is a good starting point to explore the World Wide Web. It is nicely organized and easy to use.

junklogo.gif (4125 bytes)Junk Mail Junction
Talk about a USEFUL site. This service allows you to enter your e-mail address just once and then it automatically UNsubscribes you from many of the e-mail "junk mail" lists!

ABC NewsABC News Online
ABC New's interactive website!!


Prodigy Internet  New
Here is Prodigy's Internet's Homepage. Prodigy Internet is a SUPER ISP and offers firts rate Internet access from all over the US and parts of Canada. PI also features excellent online interactive features such as chat, e-mail, Interest Groups/Communities, Message Boards, Kids features, sports, news.. As part of your membership you can create and upload your own web pages including graphics, sound files, downloads and more.

CNN Interactive
This is CNN's interactive web page. Get the latest news and more!!

Nonags 32-Bit Free Softwarenew.gif (116 bytes)
This site provides the best of the shareware and freeware programs for 32-bit! Programs are hand picked and only included if they are fully functional, most don't have the obnoxious "nag" screens that bother you to register the softeware. Easily searchable.

JUMBO Web Shareware Site
This site boasts to be the "The biggest. most mind-boggling, most eye popping, most death defying conglomeration of freeware and shareware programs on the know-web."!!

Guardian's Newcomer's Page
Here is my newcomer's page with many excellent links for beginners to the World Wide Web.

C|Net's Virtual Shareware Library
One of the best search tools to download FREE software that I have seen on the Internet! While you're there, visit C|Net, one of the best Internet online resources.  Mail! Click here to send me an e-mail!

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