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The World Wide Web (WWW) is an amazing place to explore and enjoy. The WWW is not as confusing as it first might seem. This Web page is dedicated to getting you up and running in no time. In any Web page anything that is written in BLUE LETTERS is a "link" that takes you somewhere. By simply clicking with your mouse on any of these blue links you can navigate from site to site, this is known as Web "browsing" or "surfing". Simply read the description beside the blue links and decide where you want to go. This page provides some great links for getting started in understanding the Internet, and in the simple act of surfing the Web to find what you're looking for.

Getting Started
Here's a few excellent sites that give you the basics about the Internet and about the World Wide Web:

Understanding The Internet   This site explains all about the Internet. It is based on a documentary that was featured on the Discovery Channel and is VERY informative!

Big Dummies Guide To The Internet You don't have to be a dummy to benefit from this easy-to-understand guide to the Internet!

Get A Subscription

Netsurfer Digest   Netsurfer Digest is a FREE e-mail delivered magazine (E-zine!) that brings cyberspace directly to your e-mailbox!! The site also provides some content.

Downloading Software
Here are sites from which you can download software directly!

C-Net's Virtual Shareware Library  One of the best search tools to download FREE software that I have seen on the Internet!

Happy Puppy Games Onramp  This games "onramp" leads to TONS of downloadable games, hints, reviews, games you play directly on the Web and MUCH more!!

Fun and Educational Links

Homework Help  New Get online homework help from real teachers!!

Views of the Solar System   This site was created as an educational tour of the solar system. It contains images and information about our solar system. Great for kids and adults alike!!

Family World  Here is a link for parents and children to many useful resources including articles about activities, education, books and more.

You can find what you want on the web by using websites called SEARCH ENGINES. These sites allow you to enter descriptive words and then generate a list of websites that fit your search. You can get to some of the main search engines using Guardian's Search Sites.

One popular search engine is called Yahoo. Here is a functional example of how it looks:

To find what you're looking for, type in a descriptive word and then hit the gray button:

 ICO: Yahoo!Type in a word right here and search Yahoo!

Yahoo A massive index of Web Pages organized into categories and searchable by a "keyword" search tool.

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