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Featured Links
One Life Nutritional Supplements new.gif (116 bytes)Learn about One Life nutritional supplements which are pure and effective. You can enhance your health and build your body's natural immunity using these products.

Male Body Fat Calculation Test When considering serious weight management, your percentage of body fat to muscle mass is the real important variable, NOT merely your weight. This web site features methods for determining your fat to muscle ratio. For females there is also a page HERE.

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Overall Fitness Links
The Jumpsite! - Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Your connection to all things fitness, health and nutrition related on the Web!

Body Mechanics
This web site provides training tips, nutritional guidelines and more!

Men's Fitness Magazine
This is the online version of Men's Fitness Magazine, featuring loads of useful information about training tips, nutrition, behavior, sports and more!

Internet Fitness Resource
An organized listing of fitness related web sites.

Tim's Fitness and Nutrition Page
This site helps you to plan your fitness program including exercise, nutrition, supplements, and more.

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Aerobics FAQ
Here is a basic presentation of Aerobics through these "Frequently Asked Questions".

Aerobics  *NewA small list of links relating to Aerobics.

Aerobics! The Aerobics Page has a growing list of aerobic patterns. Also check out the FAQ and other information related to aerobics.

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Stretching and Massage
Massage FAQ
 *NewHere's some frequently asked questions about massage.

Stretching - A Key To Avoiding Athletic Injuries *New Learn all about stretching your muscles.

Stretching and Flexibility Excellent, well layed out information about limbering up and improving circulation.

The Art of Good Massage An excellent reference for home massage. Physical, mental and emotional benefits of massage, plus detailed outline of Swedish massage techniques and routine.

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Body Building
Truly Huge This page is devoted to drug-free bodybuilding trainees, with or without good genetics for bodybuilding or weightlifting, and is intended to help them reach their ultimate size and strength potential.

Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazines This site features most of the popular bodybuilding/muscle magazines.

Muscle & Fitness Magazine Online This is one of the better bodybuilding magazines, published by Joe Weider, trainer of champions. As the new features are phased in, you will find this to be MUCH more than merely an online version of the magazine as there will be several opportunities to INTERACT with famous bodybuilding experts directly from this site!

Serious Muscle This site features information about gaining muscle and building strength and size,

The Abdominal Training FAQ An introduction of the basic principles of training the abdominal area.

Muscle Net - The Virtual Gym The Virtual Gym is the first bodybuilding site that provides cyberbodybuilders with a community home page, one we can participate in and build, just like we build ourselves.

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