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Sun Temple of Niuserre
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The Sun Temple of Niuserre
Alabaster Altar at Abu Ghurab

The Sun Temple of Niuserre has many features of the typical Old Kingdom pyramid complex while also having a few unique features. Pictured is an offering altar located in the main courtyard, made of pure white alabaster:


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Abu Ghurab
Although we know that there were 5 or 6 sun temples from kings of the 5th dynasty, only the remains of two such temples have been found, that of Userkaf and Niuserre. The site of Abu Ghurab contains the Sun Temple of Niuserre. In addition to his pyramid at Abu Sir, Niuserre built this Sun Temple which had similar features to that of the typical pyramid complex. His sun temple a had a Valley Temple portion which was connected by a causeway to an open court which contained a main structure topped by a short obelisk and a separate altar. The purpose for these temples is not yet certain although one theory suggests that these sites were used for animal sacrifices that were then transferred for use to the corresponding pyramid complex of the same King. These temples appear to have been originally constructed of mudbrick, then later rebuilt out of limestone with alabaster components. The Sun Temple of Userkaf is southeast of the Sun Temple of Niuserre, about halfway between Niuserre's site and Abu Sir. Userkaf's temple is even worse shape than Niussere's, with only bare remnants remaining at that site. Niuserre's Sun Temple site, although also very damaged still demonstrates most of the basic components of these 5th Dynasty Sun Temples dedicated to the god Re or Ra.



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