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Featured Sites

The Matrix  NewGraphics-intensive official site offers flash or regular version. Trailer, photos, cast/crew info and online comic book.

Lost In Space   Now the old series is revived for a new movie.

Strange Fun  Visit alternative worlds through this alternative Sci-Fi site!

Links of Interest To Fandom    Here's a great place to start exploring Sci-Fi on the web. Includes Sci-Fi TV series, APA's, Star Trek, Star Wars, and much more!

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General Sci-Fi Links

Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict  New Here is the official site for this new sci-fi series.

Science Fiction Weekly   This is a great Sci-Fi web resource that now resides on the SciFi Channel's server.

SciFi WEBzine Here's a nice online Science Fiction Magazine.

The SciFi Channel This is the Science Fiction Channel's main page and has some great Sci-Fi links to explore.

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Sci-Fi Series

Guardian's Star Trek  Providing Star Trek web page links, chat, BB, Usenet Groups and more.

Guardian's Star Wars Here are links to Star Wars web pages, chat and newsgroups.

Sliders This is the official Sliders website presented by MCA.

Battlestar Galactica A nice site featuring Battlestar Galactica. Sections include FAQ, program guides, images, software and more.

The Quantum Leap Information Page Now you can get all kinds of information about the series "Quantum Leap", including: Sign a petition for new episodes, Message Board, Episode Guide, TV Schedules, Books, Pictures, Sounds, Comics and more!

Lost In Space This Lost in Space website is presented by the SciFi Channel. Includes cast information, info about each season, and you can download pictures, sounds and movie clips!

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Information about Buck rogers including the TV series, comics, film, role playing and more.

Alien Nation A nice website featuring the saga of Alien Nation featuring Episode Synopses. FAQ, Unfilmed Scripts, Regular Characters, Books and more.

The Official Babylon 5 Website This is the official Babylon 5 Website by Time Warner Entertainment.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5  NewHere is another great Babylon 5 website, created by an enthusiastic fan.

The Invaders Home Page Here is your website featuring the TV series The Invaders! Includes Episode Guide, sound file, pictures, information on the new series and more.

The Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea Page This, the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea web page features info about all seasons of the show, conventions air schedules and more.

"V" - The Series  Here's the website for the Sci-Fi series, "V", about Visitors who come to Earth to help out humanity, but of course, they really have other plans to serve mankind!!

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Classic Sci-Fi Series

The Unofficial Twilight Zone Home Page This is an "unofficial" Twilight Zone website featuring Upcoming Episode Schedules, Timeline Of Rod Serling's Life, Actor's Index A-Z, Screenwriting and Directing Credits, and more.

The Outer Limits This is the website for the new series - The Outer Limits!

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Sci-Fi Movies

Men in Black   The official website for the movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Independence Day  The movie Independence Day has great special effects and here is the official web page.

Planet of the Apes - The Forbidden Zone Here's a website for the Sci-Fi story about the future in which apes have taken over the world and humans are their slaves and are used for target practice.

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Sci-Fi Comedy

3rd Rock From the Sun   This is the new "official" website for Third Rock.

Punch Captian Kirk  You've all thought about it at least once, now's your chance!

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Action/Adventure Links

Adventures of Superman This website features The Adventures of Superman - the original 1950's TV series starring George Reeves!

The Incredible Hulk  This website features The Incredible Hulk.

The Indiana Jones WWW Page   This Indiana Jones site features Sites and Sounds, scripts, movie info and more!

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Horror & Fantasy Links

Forever Knight  This is the official site by Sony Entertainment featuring the TV series about a vampire turned cop, Nick Knight

The Official Highlander This site features Highlander, the movie and the series, and offers pictures, sounds, info and more.

Tales From The Crypt The official page for the series, Tales From The Crypt.

Guardian's Dark Shadows  Links to all types of resources from the TV series Dark Shadows. Research the show's origins, links to other DS sites, a directory of downloadable images/sounds, a quiz to test your knowledge of the show, DS Chat Rooms, and much more.

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