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CONTENTS: Status of the New Entrance to the Giza Plateau \ Debate on Site Management and Conservation \ Honorees at the Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists \ Other Special Events at the Conference \ Bahriya Oasis ExcavationTombs of the Pyramid Builders

News From The Pyramids                                                    
MARCH 2000
Dr. Zahi Hawass


Status of the New Entrance to the Giza Plateau

We are running a little bit later than planned for opening the new entrance to the Giza plateau from the Fayoum Road. The entrance is finished, the stable of the camels and horses is built, and we are now working on the construction of the picnic area .  All of these are located in the desert area, south of the third pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus).

I believe that these will be finished approximately two months from now. Tourists will come in tourists buses and use this new entrance. They park in the desert and if they wish to ride camels and horses in the area the pyramids will be in the background. No more riding of camels or horses will be allowed within the immediate pyramids area.

Debate on Site Management and Conservation

I am going to deliver a paper on the Millennium Lectures for the Eight International Congress of Egyptologists. Kent Weeks will be the respondent in this panel, and Farouk El Baz is also attending and discussing his ideas in the debate. I am going to propose to stop excavation in Upper Egypt for at least 10 years and encourage the excavation in the Delta.

Honorees at the Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists

We are going to honour many people who have contributed to Egypt and the field of Egyptology. These include William Kelly Simpson from the States, Stadelmann from Germany, Leclant from France, Harry Smith from England, Donadoni from Italy, and Abdel Aziz Saleh from Egypt. We will also honour the names of the late Gamal Mokhtar from Egypt, and Milchaloriski from Polland.

Other Special Events at the Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists

We are going to have a reception on the first day of the conference, March 28, at the Citadel. After that, on that same evening, we will open the exhibit at the Egyptian Museum of the Discovery of the Foreign Expedition in Egypt for the last 25 years. 

We are also going to make a Gala  Dinner Party at the Sphinx area on the last night, April 2.

Bahriya Oasis Excavation

I am planning to start the excavation at the Bahriya Oasis, looking for the tombs of the Upper Class.

Tombs of the Pyramid Builders

We are now excavating in the area off the tombs of the pyramid builders and we found tombs fronted by a causeway, and at the end, an offering table. We are finding that the workmen were imitating the king by designing their tombs in the pyramid complex style.

Also found near the causeway of one of the tombs was a pair statue where the right leg of the man is in front! The artist made a mistake because always the left leg is in front with these statues. The artists perhaps found that he had made a mistake, then threw the double statue between the tombs.

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