New Tomb Found at Saqqara
by Dr. Zahi Hawass


Copyright (c) 2001 Dr. Zahi Hawass
All Rights Reserved


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Read a short press release about this and the recent discovery of another tomb at Saqqara HERE

The Dutch Expedition working at the site of the New Kingdom at Saqqara found a new tomb.

   The tomb belonged to a man named Mryneit and held such titles as:

  • The Greatest of the Seers of the God Aton

  • Supervisor of the domain of Aton

  • The Priest of the Goddess Neit

The tomb was found full of decorated scenes show the Amarna style and they also found a pair of seated statues of the deceased and his wife.


The discovery of this tomb proved that there was a temple of Aton at Saqqara. This will change what Egyptologists believe that the god Aton, the "one god", was not worshipped at Amarna only.