Princess of the Sun

Dr. Zahi Hawass secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) received yesterday a report concerning a French production cartoon called “Princess of the Sun” which relates an imaginary story about the monotheistic king Akhnaten and his family.

March 13 will be its world premiere in Egypt, at the foot step of the Great pyramid.

According to the report presented by a technical and scientific committee headed by Sabri Abel Aziz, head of the ancient Egyptian department in the SCA, the film is a fantasy of the French writer Christian Jacque who inspired its story from a perplexing era of king Akhnaten’s reign.

The film includes of several historical mistakes and has nothing in relation with real political, historical, religious and military events that happened in that time. All the incidents of the film reflect the writer’s illusion which totally contradict with Egypt’s historical facts. Even names and titles of the film’s heroes is for people who did not ever exist in the ancient Egyptian history except the name of king Akhnaten, his wife Nefertiti and his military leader Haremhab.

In order to allow the display of the film, the committee asked the Egyptian film distributor “Good News” group to write on the film, in English and Arabic, that the story of the film is a fantasy of his writer and has nothing in relation with the ancient Egyptian historical facts.     

The historical mistakes are as follows:

 Princess Akiza who personifies king Akhnaten’s daughter whose, according to the film, married to a prince called Tut is an imaginary personality. Akhnaten has not a daughter called Akiza.

The film depicts the sudden disappearance of Akhnaten from history by drinking poison which led to his death, a matter that has not any evidence in history. Until now, purposes behind Akhnaten’s death is not known but what Egyptologists are sure of that king Semenkare took the thrown after Akhnaten and sit on it for a year long. King Tutankhamun came afterwards and ruled for nine years.

The military leader Haremhab was killed during the film enrollment before the era of Ttutankhamun but according to history, Haremhab came up to the throne after king Tutankhanum and Iye and reigned for approximately 28 years.

Also Queen Nefertiti was not never exiled to Philae island in Aswan as it shown in the film.

As for Egypt’s struggle with the Hittites totally contradicts with all archaeological and historical evidences. The Hittites did not ever invade Egypt at the end of Akhnaten’s reign as the film relates on the contrary their struggle was in Khita city in Syria which started the reign of the 19th dynadty King Ramses II, almost 58 years after the death of king Akhnaten. After Egypt’s victory in Kadish battle both countries signed a peaces treaty.

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