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In memory of Chris Farley:

Chris Farley Homepage
Here's a nice Chris Farley site which features a biography and loads of info about Chris and his career.

Classic Comedy Links

Abbott and Costello
This fabulously funny twosome finally have their own web page presented by their families.

Laurel and Hardy
A nice site dedicated to this Comedy classic duo including a guided tour complete with soundtrack.

The Marx Brothers
Here is a Marx Brothers website which includes pictures, songs, info and more.

The Three Stooges
Moe, Larry and Curly make their mark on Cyberspace.

Rodney Dangerfield's Joke of the Day
If you're having a bad day, Rodney proves it could be worse!

Andy Kaufman
This page includes a biography of Andy and also includes an FAQ and more.

Modern Masters of Comedy

Here's the official page for the series Seinfeld.

Robin Williams
Here is a tribute page to Robin Williams which includes pictures, bio info, a filmography and more.

An Interview With Billy Crystal
Presented by FilmPlex, this interview is called Forget Paris.

Jonathan Winters
A short bio page with a few comments from Jonathan Winters!

Dennis Miller
Get the lowdown on Dennis Miller here.

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